Product Review: Arin Absolute Renewal update

Recently i have a post about the Arin absolute renewal and its effect. Sadly the delivery that i have been waiting was never happen most likely due to the COVID pandemic, i tried to contact the to make a follow up for my orders, however due to unknown reason they cannot be reach they even tried to contacted me to check if my order still valid last august but since then no update happens. Sadly because of the ecq/gcq and lockdown its seems that their store got affected.

Good thing that i found out that one of Shopee seller TRI JD is selling Arin so i recently purchase it for Php880 and viola! I got my Arin delivered in no time. Thanks JD 😉👍👏.

Im so thankful to God that i have found my new best buddy for skin care after trying several products in the market this is still the best one for me.

Well what do you expect i immediately use it applying twice a day (sorry i forgot to take a picture before applying Arin) and after 1 day my recent few acne break out has improved alot.

This picture is taken last few week and some of my acne are not visible in the picture due to poor quality of lights but look at my chin and under my lower lips. I also have acne on my forehead and left temple
This is 2nd day applying arin as you can see there are additional few acne on my face some new marks is still visible but the one on my lower lip and chin is now gone and the one on my right cheek near the upper lip immediately subside.

Here is the link for the Shopee store where i purchase it :

Fatal encounter

What it takes for your life crumble or shattered,

What earthshattering event would make your mind blown away to the point that you lose all your senses.

It will hit straight to your mind, heart, body and all your strength will collapse.

To the point you’ll ask your self,

What would it turn 180 degree change?,

What could you do in the depth of situation?,

With a glimmer of hope spark of light beyond darkness will lit,

which will guide your heart, mind and soul.

At peace the mind will enclose,

Comfort and rest your heart will be,

Strength showered up to the tip of your toes,

The spark of light will guide you and be your companion to the very end.

With Jesus Christ as the oil,

the spark will spread like a toarch,

until it becomes the light of your world.

From beginning to the end,

how fatal the encounter maybe,

His love will endureth and His mecry will reign,

With a confession as your sign,

His promise will fill your hopes and lift you up,

salvation is at the end of the tracks.


Life on the Road

Road life is full of challenges
there is a straight way where everything goes smoothly,
an intersection where you have many choices to turn to
and lead you to another different roads to find,
there is one way with no choice but to take the path
and bear with whatever new challenges to face with.

There are times that the road is hard to passby
due to the stormy weather and heavy rains,
which makes your road life be risky and full of struggle,
nevertheless you will still continue and drive.

But what make the road life exciting?
you could meet true and lasting friends and
be blessed with everything and anything that you have,
where you could find peace on the wind that passes by,
where you could see wonderful scenery of life,
where you could enjoy breathtaking wonders of sunrise and sunset.

You could lead your life as the driver your own
or let the expert drive and lead the way for you,
with faith, trust and submission
enjoy the life as it goes and given,
to arrive on your own promised destination
leading to eternal life of joy.



Product Review: Arin Absolute Renewal

When i reach age of 26 my acne started to breakout i have tested many beauty products but its either no effect, less effective, effective at first but the effect will not last.

I have suffer with it and thought that i wont be able to cure my breakout. I also visit some known derma clinic but to no avail until last 2014 and 2015 i have learned that i have hormonal imbalance which results with the acne breakout the pills given by the obgyne helps alot to lessen the acne and pimple but it doesn’t help to stop the breakout. Not until last year of May i have seen the review for Arin Absolute Renewal through YouTube and decided to try it and i was very thankful that i did as my acne really stopped. I still get pimple or acne sometimes if it happens that i have no more supply or forgot to apply but once i started using it again it heals immediately.

The first week of use with 3 to 4 times a day all the acne have subside. Pimples stops showing as well

On my 2nd week of use with 2 times a day. No pimples, acne breakouts are fast healing and no additional acne are showing.

On my 3rd and 4th week with 1 to 2 times a day no pimples, no acne.

I was really greatful with Arin for its effective ingredients specially the mandelic acid. What i am most thankful with is that it has no strong chemical and no peeling. My skin is safe with heat of the sun and no side effects for me.

Up until now i am still using the Arin and i just order today for my 3rd bottle. Since my previous order was cancelled due to ECQ/MCQ cause of COVID 19 Outbreak

Since it is very effective with continue usage you only need to apply once or twice a day. Personally i apply it twice a day if i see a pimple starting to grow and after a day or 2 or once pimple/acne is gone then back to once a day.

I really recommend Arin absolute renewal Serum specially to those who have sensitive skin like me. For no other reason but because it’s really effective and FDA Approved.

I purchase it from shopping99.

Here are the product info:

Net Content : 30ml
Ingredients : Aqua, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Allantoin, Propanediol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Keration, Beta-Glucan, Glycosyl Trehalose Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Water/ Alcohol/ Glycosphingolipids/ Hordeum Vulgare Extract/ Sodium Hyaluronate, Water/ Glycerin/ Pseudoalteromonas Ferment/ Extract/ Xanthan Gum/ Proline/ Alanine/ Serine/ Sodium Phosphate/ Sodium Hydroxide/ Ethylhexylglycerin/ Caprylyl Glycol, Polyacrylate, Dipotassium Glycrrhizinate, Aloe Vera, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Methylisothiazolinone
Place of Production : Taiwan
Shelf Life : 3 years from manufacturing date

With Nothingness

I am dried up with my brokeness and with my emptiness you called up to me and i come to you.

O poured out my nothingness under your name

I cried out with my soul to your holiness

And in my sorrow you lifted me.

You comforted me with your words,

You saved me with my transgression,

You filled me with your love,


What makes your faith stronger

In our daily life as a worker, teacher, student, wife, sister, parent or children we encounter struggle, pain suffering and trouble,

we face challeges and experience trials that out of our strength.

But there is always God who is there to protect and help us and always cares for our need.

This is the very first time in my 35 yrs of life that i experience getting sick more than 1 or 2 days. Though rigth now I am confined in Providence

Hospital in Quezon Avenue because of community accumulated pneumonia as per Doctor’s diagnosis. This is in need a course of events for pushing my self over and over out of my limits with exhausting my self by overworking, plus facing marriage life problems and trials.

But what i learned with all this experiences in recent events of my life is that God is really in control of my life. It is He who made a way to showed me the truth, help me resolving my problems, clear things out for my way so that i won’t be in much pain, heal me with my 4 days fever and I claim that in Jesus name my pneumonia will be totally healed by the Lord, with all the people that God sent to help me with every trials, pain and sickness thank you very much, you all know who you are.

As St. Augustine said, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” and in the book of 1 Peter that through faith I’m shielded by God’s power.

Bacause of this I’m in great joy despite of everything that happen and rejoicing for His name, because i know that all of this are just for a little while that I may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials so that the genuineness of my faith in Jesus may be proven which is greater worth than gold,

Jesus really works in marvelous ways beyond our expectation and understanding. If i was able to experience His power there is no reason that others won’t experience this blessings from God as well all we need is to have faith. Faith that Jesus Christ died on the cross and that in the third day He rose again in fulfilment of the prophecy to help, guide, protect us and to save us all from death.

It is my great honor that God has accepted me as His child through Jesus and there is NO reason for me NOT to give my praise, glory and honor back to Jesus Christ until He is revealed.


Love, sex and lust

Part 3 Sex

Sex is pleasurable, its ecstatic and a blessing from the heaven designed to be consummated under the terms of marriage.

But if a third party come within a marriage or sex was consummated outside the blessing of marriage, this is just a lust which gives pleasure to ones flesh, often times will satisfy your wants, thirst and sex drive.

Nowadays many of us is thirsty of sex because in reality we have the feeling of emptiness, brokenness and incompleteness and we try to complete it with the satisfaction that sex could give us.

However the satisfaction in sex is a just a surface it doesn’t last long, after sex you will just want another, you will still feels thirsty, you will end up longing for it because in reality you feel empty, broken and incomplete which you wanted to fill but then again once the lust of sex subside, you will still feel broken, incomplete.

Incontrast, when you find love and have sex with your truehalf, a feeling of true love fills the emptiness in your heart, it seals the hole in your heart that you won’t feel broken again and makes you feel complete that last long.

If sex could give you satisfaction in a time being, the love with a man may fill your heart in a day, while the love of God will fill your heart, your life, your mind and your soul in a lifetime which gives you feeling of completeness.

Once you surrender your incompleteness and feel the brokeness to the Lord God you will understand His love is enough that you wont covet for anything that is not yours, when you surrender you will see this kind of love that understand all, when you open your heart you will know lust is not the answer you seek that makes your life whole.

That is why in anything in this world Love is the most powerful of them all.

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love

1Cor 13:13

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”

-Khalil Gibran

A true love is heartfelt that can mend anything and renew everything, it must come from the inner part of your heart and must be realize to happen”


Nothing is Impossible

A thousands was released from chain of slavery

A barren land was converted to a land flowing with milk and honey

A water turned into a wine

A single bread was shared to a thousands

A tree stopped bearing fruit with a single word

A sick child was cured by the faith of his father

An uncurable deases was cleansed by the touch of piece of his cloth

With a faith of mustard seed a wonders and miracle could be realized

Misery will be turned to everlasting joy

Para Quien

a quien le dedicas la canción
para quien está destinado el anhelo
para quién debería ser
el correcto o perfecto que se solicitó?

The tree branch could lean on the wall,
the crystal glass is breakable,
the north and south has a pole.
Only God’s love is unchangeable.
Only His is immesurable.
Only He is faithful.

To be His wife is paradise,
to be His Woman is joy and peace,
to be his friend is everything,
to be his child is salvation.

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