Para Quien

a quien le dedicas la canción
para quien está destinado el anhelo
para quién debería ser
el correcto o perfecto que se solicitó?

The tree branch could lean on the wall,
the crystal glass is breakable,
the north and south has a pole.
Only God’s love is unchangeable.
Only His is immesurable.
Only He is faithful.

To be His wife is paradise,
to be His Woman is joy and peace,
to be his friend is everything,
to be his child is salvation.

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Love, Sex and Lust

Part 2: Lust

Lust corrupts our future which is designed to be a good one, as we fall under lust we deprived our selves to know, learn and experience true love and the promise of eternal peace and joy.

Have you feel like you want to be touch or be hold by someone you do not know or by someone whom you doesn’t love at all?,

You dreamt of having them by your side laying at your bed side by side.

You feel some electricity runs to your skin when you have been touch?

You longed, you’ve wanted, you’ve desired to be with that person though you know that it’s wrong and it would not last.

This strong desired is a temptation called lust, But we don’t sinned because of it, we sinned when we fail to flee with it.

No men can say thay its thier partner’s fault if they have sexual intercourse without the blessing of marriage or with someone whose already committed, as he choose to submionthe desire of his flesh.

To overcome lust, we need to learn and know that it is our lust, our strong desire that could lead us into our fall and could break something precious in our life.

We need to accept that without someone’s help we cannot guaranty that we could win against it.

We need to learn how to properly flee from it.

As it says in the bible book of 1 John
For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world”.

So how can we learn to avoid and flee from this temptation called lust?
As for me, stronger spirit filled with Jesus Christ is more important than the will of mind as book of romans says “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

We need to learn and accept that we cannot do anything without the Sovereignty of God and with the Almighty God we can win over everything.
If God is for us, who can be against us

Book of Romans

But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

-Book of Matthew

Here are few more quotes about lust

Beware of lust; it corrupteth both the body and the mind.


“Lust is the cause of generation. ”

Leonardo da Vinci

The Lost Doll

A little girl has a doll she lost,

she really like this doll

so she waited and waited until it returned.

Years gone by and alot has happens

but she never forget her doll

She keep searching for,

until one day she sees a familiar doll hold by another girl

Her eyes started so blur until she realized tears keep falling down on her face,

The familiar figure and mark give away its identity and she knew it was her doll that she love and missed the most.

But it was already taken by another and being hold like no other.

So the little girl knew her doll won’t come back anymore,

her memories with it will be just a past and cannot be relieve again.

She tried not to cross again with the new owner of her doll but her heart failed her for it ache to see it time and time.

Until she met another one whom she learn to like but her heart still ache for the lost doll.

So she tried to forget everything about her lost doll and focus her time with her new doll.

Years gone past and the little girl forgets about the lost doll, until one day she hear a news about the doll one again.

As she remember everything she cried and cried with regrets of losing her lovely doll.

But the little girl new that time has past and the doll will never be hers anymore. so she let go of the love and regrets that her heart felt which ache the most and learned to live with the new doll and treasure it most.

Love, Sex and Lust

Part 1: Love

Love has many faces that is unknown to a man, you cannot fathom of how much a person can do out of his love.

How can a man father a child to another woman whom is not his wife and he doesn’t love and let his love one suffer the effects of his decision?

And say that he doesn’t love the person whom bore his child?

Isn’t it ironic to use the word love to try and repair a broken relationship with heartache and pain?

What’s more unfathomable is God also use Love to renew a broken relationship or person.

However, renewing doesn’t come easily its like unpolished diamond that needs to undergo several process to become a priceless gem or like a grape vine that you need to trim broken roots and need to undergo pruning to produce more fruit.

Whatever kind of difficulties you experience or faces of love you encounter. What more important is you know that there is immeasurable love that was willingly offered to anyone, to you.

He is your companion through the process to become a price less diamond. He is also your strong vine if you remain as a branch with hime you will bear much fruit (John 15:5).

No other Master

Is there any other God like my Lord?

In times of trouble, He is quick to be my side.

In times of sickness, He is my Healer.

In times of sorrow, He is my friend.

In times of prejudice, He is my judge.

He plans for me well for my future,

He lay my work for my growth,

He guide me to the right path when i am lost,

He rebuke me with love for my mistakes,

He is my protector everytime I’m in danger,

He is always there in times of needs,

Though not all times He is quick for my request but He answer them accordingly for my best,

He is and no other will be my rock of salvation and my solid standing point without Him i will surely fall deep and might not be able to stand at all.

He is the rock that builds my home without Him it will be broken by storm, bend when the wind blows, destroyed when the waves roll.

So i will praise and Glorify Him until the last leaf fall.

Holy Ground

You are my holy ground

My refuge in times of need

My strength in times of weakness

My will in the edge of the hill

My joy in the peak of sorrow

My peace in in the midst of troubled

My saviour in the bottom of deep sea

My holy ground that is steadfast, that solid as rock, faithfull and forever.

What can you wish for, if you have an all knowing God.

What thing you cannot do, if you have a mighty God.

What thing you need for if you have a rich and generous God.

What should you fear for, if you have a powerful God.

There is Nothing we cannot do or we cannot overcome, if we have God on our side.

All Praise and Glory be to God